Window Display Walking Tour

Programmed by Clayton Windatt

As the festival focuses more and more on community development we have come across the idea of walking tours and engaging the region's location, history, and people. This is not a new idea, but formalizing the idea and naming it a “tour” allows us to start moving forward building things in a more ongoing way. For this year we have programmed two screening works, The Power of the Arts and Basic Income by Craig Berggold, Zainub Verjee & Clayton Windatt and Mourning Dove by Meera Sethi. Both works have strong visual impacts and translate to window installations well. Accompanying these screenings will be printed materials drawing attention to online actions. This year we are very thankful to have a few downtown businesses participating with window displays and we hope to build on this in the future, activating Durham more as public gatherings become more approachable in 2022.

Image Credits: Mourning Dove | Meera Sethi