Programmed by Odeimin Runner’s Club

Thursday July 22, 2021 | 9:30pm | Hanover Drive-In Theatre, 033277 County Rd 28, Hanover ON

Image Credits: Horses in the Year of the Dog | Terra Long; Firewater Thunderbird Rising | Christine Friday; Horses in the Year of the Dog | Terra Long

The Odeimin Runner’s Club is a collective of Ogimaakwe– women warriors, Indigenous and Caribbean- whose research and artistic practices are inspired by the traditional teachings of the strawberry or heart berry. We are Adrian Kahgee, (Saugeen First Nation), Rebeka Tabobondung (Wausauksing First Nation) and myself, Debbie Ebanks Schlums (Jamaica, Guest on Saugeen Ojiway Nation Traditional territory). As Ogimaakwe and as mothers, we think about the potential for new narratives to foster connection in a time and place that seem ever more urgent. This film program, RUNNERS, considers how we move through the world to enact our truth as individuals affecting and being affected by one another. The curatorial framing for this program is written from my perspective on odeimin teachings, drawing from the conversations we’ve had together. These teachings include the importance of beginning from a place in our hearts that is connected to our youth– a place of spirit, authenticity, and truth - and from there reaching out by “sprouting runners,” or connections, between people and communities who nourish us. In thinking about the experiences, needs, desires, wishes, and visions of young people – as well as memories of youth - what liberatory coalitions could we form to support the conditions in which young Indigenous and Black people heal and thrive alongside everyone else?

Terra Long

Horses in the Year of the Dog | 2018 Canada colour & b/w sound english 5 min.

Twin portraits, an immediate love between new friends considering motherhood under the roof of a fierce matriarch and Cheru the dog shortly after birthing five pups. A swim, a birth, a love and a loss developed in Hibiscus and Lavender and saturated in deep blues.

Anna Binta Diallo

Negotiations II | 2013 video color sound 6 min.

Diallo asks: How does one negotiate with differing and sometimes conflicting legacies?

Rebecca Williams

Out of Many | 2020 Jamaica 15 min.

A film about the class divide in Jamaica from the perspective of privileged youth. The film complicates North American perspectives of the island and problematizes the concentration of wealth and power, an effect of contemporary globalisation and a mirror to countries around the world, including on Turtle Island.

Amar Chebib/Joe Buffalo

Joe Buffalo | 2021 16 min.

Joe Buffalo is an Indigenous skateboard legend. He’s also a survivor of Canada’s notorious Indian Residential School system. Following a traumatic childhood and decades of addiction, Joe must face his inner demons to realize his dream of turning pro.

Gail Maurice

Rosie | 2018 17 min.

After the death of her mother, a young Indigenous girl is forced to live with her francophone aunt and her two gender-bending best friends. When disaster strikes, the quirky, colourful foursome must come together to survive and thrive. A bilingual story about family, misfits, and the fringe-dwellers of society.

Joschi Shea

Otherself | 2019 4 min.

A young man teaches a robot about life.

Christine Friday

Firewater Thunderbird Rising | 2020 15 min.

A high energy dance film in the Temagami old growth forest: she dances behind a moving pickup truck as her son films her dancing on his cell phone.